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Moving to stillness with Sintje, our yoga teacher at Ca’n Beneït

Even Monday mornings can be filled with joy and well-being at Ca’n Beneït, and the same goes for Wednesdays and Fridays.

Responsible for that is Sintje, our Belgian yoga teacher coming to Binibona three times a week to offer her expertise, relaxing vibes and personal techniques to all guests, be it yoga beginners or long standing yoginis, willing to attend her classes starting at 08:30h on the fluffy grass of our garden, and running for about one hour.

About Sintje

Her yoga path started 14 years ago when a friend of her dragged her to ‘Earth yoga’; a highly esteemed yoga studio in Palma de Mallorca with a range of international yoga teachers and yoga workshops. As a scoliosis patient, she immediately experienced the positive effect of a disciplined yoga practice for her back and posture. She learned to relax over-stimulated muscles and to strengthen weak muscles, becoming aware for the first time of the strength and healing aspect of the use of one’s own breath. Until then, her introduction to yoga, as for so many beginners, was focused on the physical aspect of yoga or Anamaya kosha.

Like most of us, Sintje fell in love with Mallorca ever since she settled on the island eighteen years ago. Working as a film producer and mother of two daughters, she found in Yoga a way to better deal with a job that involved a large responsibility and stressful schedules that often did not fit with family-duties.

Certified, professional forming: 300hr Yoga Flow Teacher Training

Ever since those challenging times, she delved deeper than ever into yoga, and step by step opened the power of its mental aspect: Manomaya Kosha. An inexpressible urge, fascination and passion for yoga sent her to a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training that came her way: Jeanne Heileman, senior yoga teacher and founder of Tantra Flow Yoga.

Teaching experience and focus

Jeanne Heileman’s training offered her the answers she had been looking for. More so, her training changed her view of life, her view of the people in her immediate environment and above all her thoughts about herself, giving her access to the whole yoga practice in all its layers: the Koshas.

Shortly after that training experience she felt the need to share this treasure of life knowledge with other yoginis, in her own words “my way was suddenly crystal clear”. Since October 2017 her teaching focuses on increasing the awareness of one’s own body and the outside world by sharing her knowledge about the self-healing, unravelling and enlightening aspects of yoga.

What and how she teaches

Her lessons can best be described as an intense, powerful but empathetic Vinyasa flow, interwoven with Tantric elements. Among the ladder you may understand: the use of Hatha yoga, yin yoga, pranayama, Ayurvedic aspects, chakras, kriyas, mudras, bandas, mantras or meditation.

These are techniques, that she uses to confront her students with themselves, or better: to show themselves. Using these techniques allows them to strengthen oneself on a mental, physical and energetic level. Awakening the conscious so that one can reconnect with his inherent intelligence and soul that shows them the way to their own path and brings out the best of themselves.

Her yoga classes at Ca’n Beneït

Sintje sees Yoga as a way to improve one’s life, preparing yourself to better sort life’s obstacles, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. In this regard she adapts her classes in Ca’n Beneït to both our guests previous yoga experiences and also physical state.

Given that Ca’n Beneït is an intimate and small hotel, our yoga classes are never too crowded, hence allowing Sintje enough time to talk to our guests before each class, actively listening to them to better focus on the possible benefits they could get from it, depending for example on the sports they regularly practice or any ailment they might have.

What she likes the most of her classes in Ca’n Beneït is when she feels after each session that the she has been able to give the partakers a gift, by sensing the renewed energy in their bodies. No matter how submerged in their own thoughts they might be at first, at the end of it they are focused on the yoga exercise and living in the moment.

Last but not least, Sintje speaks perfect Dutch, French, English and Spanish, and she always seems to have something interesting and inspiring to say.

Please book your free of charge yoga class at reception one day in advance


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