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Wild and free 🌷

Beautiful flowers pop up wild & free in every little corner of Ca’n Beneït 🌷 &

On our love for nature:

Did you know that all the water consumed in Ca’n Beneït comes directly from the well of our Finca? 💧Even the finely filtered one we serve free of charge in the restaurant & by the swimming pool is

There’s been much talk about how to save our planet lately, and on such matter we could just say that we offset our impact thanks to the hundreds of trees rooted in the vast land Ca’n Beneït sits in, or to the fact that we buy the electricity we consume from a 100% renewable energy supplier. But that would be fooling ourselves 👻

Instead, we prefer taking practical and resolute steps in the right direction, such as obtaining our own water and food onsite, reducing & recycling 100% of our waste, buying preferentially local, using biomass from our own forest, employing team members and providers that live as close to us as possible, working with nearby wineries, cleaning our towels & linens onsite, offering bikes & e-bike rentals, reducing single use plastics, turning our Sauna on only when guests are effectively using it, setting up automated energy saving systems by @loxone or using solar panels 🔅 to heat up our hot water

But we’re still a long way to go, and we are aware that we must keep on doing better towards sustainability

Because at the end of the day, once you enter Ca’n Beneït, the same water that irrigates our colourful plants creating beauty in the process is the very same one that makes your body function

& keeping that priceless cycle alive is a challenge worth fighting for. Don’t you think? ❤

#alittlelessconversation & #alittlemoreaction to #savetheplanet 🌍

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