What’s in a name?

Ca’n Beneït, written with the catalan diaeresis, means the blessed one 😇 Its name changed over the centuries the same way it did for Binibona, the hamlet over which this old noble house used to preside

Dating back from roman origins, the little settlement was known as Rahal de Binimala under muslim rule, and during the three centuries that followed the 1229 Catalan conquer of Mallorca the name of Binibona started to be used for superstitious reasons, as the original roman term ‘mala’, referring to the once treacherous hills around the area, was perhaps not to everyone’s liking 😏

In 1506 the name Beniabona is documented in official records, confirming its final adoption as the toponymic reference. But like all good stories another twist of events awaited when in 1785 the cultural mecenas and rebranding pioneer Cardenal Despuig, impressed by the panorama from the sleepy village, reframed it as Mirabona in his curated map of the island of Mallorca

Mirabona literally means good view, and centuries after his famous visit we remain as marveled by the beauty of the hamlet as the master influencer once was, so we named our @mirabona_restaurant after such deliciously interesting anecdote 🥂

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