A new holistic approach to Wellbeing

From a nature inmersive bath in our Garden Spa to a relaxing ritual & massage with top quality Alqvimia products, Ca’n Beneït offers you a wide range of activities both for the body and for the soul. We provide a holistic approach to wellbeing with a coherent attitude towards sustainability and serenity.

Our water is obtained onsite and so are many of the ingredients from our farm to table cuisine. In our Mediterranean Finca you can walk through the orchards and even pick fruits from the trees. A centuries old Olive mill still produces exquisite extra virgin oil from the olives of the very same estate, you can try this gold liquid at our on-site Mirabona Restaurant.

Being on the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, pristine nature provides shelter and peace for our guests. This wellbeing continuum extends into the tranquil atmosphere of the property and lastly into your room, where natural fabrics and organic materials abound. The core of our hospitality offer is completed with the best quality linen that truly make of this little piece heaven a place like no other.

Welcome to Ca’n Beneït 🌿

The Garden Spa

Tucked away in a sheltered corner of our Finca, the new garden Spa is a little piece of heaven in the midst of pure and serene Mediterranean nature. Once the long and warm summer days are over, this little wooden plunge pool is heated so that our guests can enjoy year round outdoors bathing.

Respecting all existing structures and elements, its dreamy location next to the Sauna and the Yoga lawn make of this cosy & curated wellness espace the best place to relax in the milder days of the year

Powered by our solar panels, this little wooden plunge pool is big on soothing island charm while it operates in a small and sustainable manner. Thanks to its discreet volume and the naturally isolating and removable components of the Garden Spa, we are currently able to heat it up to 35°C solely with the excess heat that our solar panels produce in the middle of the day

With just ten rooms, our aim is for this magical secluded space to be used privately, so that we can guarantee the best relaxing and nature immersive experience. The garden spa use is complimentary and exclusive for our hotel guests, so that your stay at Ca’n Beneït is truly memorable ❤

The Yoga lawn

A few months ago, when we discussed with our resident Yoga teacher Sintje how to improve the experience for our guests, we came up with the idea of reconverting this formerly unused spot in the northern part of Ca'n Beneït into the cluster of our wellness area, where the different mind & body activities we provide would end up gravitating around

Instead of creating a new building for our Yoga sessions, we decided to landscape this area and turn it into a manicured lawn where outdoor classes could take place during the spring, summer and early autumn months

Its small size, as well as the abundance of shade provided by the centuries-old buildings and exhuberant vegetation around it, allowed us to reduce water consumption and provide Suite number 10 with improved garden & mountain views

The poolside Spa

Something about Ca'n Beneït make people feel at ease in here. So when we redesigned the wellness experience for our guests, the path we would follow was clear, instead of building anew we would only aspire to transform what was already in place, as humbly and as delicately as possible

Instead of destroying nature we would only embrace it, by integrating new spaces into already existing buildings, even if scattered around the beautiful gardens of the property, in such a way that the true power of our Finca could still captivate our souls

Respecting the essence of this high, mountain view porch by the main pool area, this espace has now been converted into the Spa where massages and rituals take place, with our masseurs and wellness consultants using organic Alqvimia products

Our resident masseur & wellbeing consultant Joana will guide and assist you in all wellbeing activities and treatments you wish to do during your stay. Feel free to contact us in advance for consultations and requests

The gardenview sauna

Feel the mountainside warmth of Ca'n Beneït in milder and colder weather with this wooden sauna set in an old stone shelter wrapped by pristine Mediterranean gardens

With just ten rooms we are able to provide a service level that focus on a personalized relationship with our guests. This is a different kind of luxury, one that is not so much defined by raw luxurious materials, but rather by a meaningful and memorable experience

Our charming yet professional approach allow us to make you feel welcome and pampered, that's why we reserve the Sauna for private use. All you need to do is contact our reception team and Olga, Joan and Toni will take care of the rest

Enviromental note: in order to minimize our impact, the sauna, which is exclusive and complimentary for our hotel guests, is only functioning whenever effectively in use. Saving energy is a necessary step to protect our planet and the nature that surrounds us.

The mountainview pool

Discover an oasis of tranquility where to enjoy 360° mountainside views & attentive pool bar service straight to your lounge. The small size of the property allows for a relaxing poolside living with the luxury of space

Being one of the highlights of the property, our main pool offers unparalleled calm and a pristine panorama where to feel connected to the island mountainous heart. Close to the pool you will find a set of balinese beds under the olive trees where to enjoy the light and the breeze of the Mediterranean

The mountainview pool use, exclusive and complimentay for our hotel guests, remains open all year round at natural temperature. Weather permitting, bar service and complimentary refreshements are available in every season, while summertime snacks are something not to be missed

The orchards and gardens

Mandarines, aubergines, watermelons, parsil, coriander, oranges, tomatoes, peppers, lemons, qumquats, lettuce, olives... these are just a few of the fruits and vegetables that our resident gardener Sebastià grows in the Finca

The Estate of Ca'n Beneït is rich in fertile soil and enjoys temper weather, with abundance of sunlight that provide the perfect conditions for our organic production to thrive. From the freshly squeezed orange juice made with the fruits we pick from our own trees in the morning to our Chef's creations in the evening dinners, we use this land gives us to enhance a natural and organic guest experience

Not only can you get a taste of them in your table, but you can also visit the orchards and freely walk among the trees of the gardens to see what's in season. As for the rest of the ingredients that we do not grow ourselves, we trust small and locally sourced providers to obtain the best quality produce we can find at the least possible impact

We also practice what we preach when it comes to drinks. All the water from the Finca is locally obtained from our wells, anchored deep into the karstic terrain of Mallorca's underground rivers bellow the mountains. It is filtered afterwards in a chemical free process, and it is finally provided free of charge to our guests

As for more alluring beverages, our wine list is rich in excellent local wines made on the island of Mallorca and beyond. You can learn all about that with our wine tasting sessions by our resident wine conoisseur Amy

Finally, we also offer local IPA beer as well as home made smoothies and juices from our own fruits when in season

Campos de olivos Mallorca

The connection with nature

Ca'n Beneït sits in the middle of natural area, where the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Tramuntana Mountains meet the agricultural plains of the island. This unique location provides our guests with the opportunity to let themselves immerse in nature in a variety of ways

From the moment of the arrival one feels that Binibona really is a place like no other. Quiet to its very core, hearing the sound of a speeding car is just alien to this place as it would have been to its inhabitants centuries ago. Ten minutes away from the highway, the last strech of the road that lead to us goes through safe and bucolic country lanes, with its twists and turns making it impossible for a car to speed up for the last kilometer.

Silence here is key. Serenity abounds, and the island of the calm stills lives up to the poetic reference given to it long ago. This is a place for the peace seeker. A place for the soul. A place like no other

Romantic prose aside, you'll find in Ca'n Beneït the perfect base for by taking a walk into the endless greenery of the Tramuntana mountains, for exploring the countryside on a leisurely pace with our complimentary bicycles or for pedaling uphill in the quest for the island's higher summits

Rutas de senderismo Mallorca

The slow mornings ritual

Long and relaxing breakfasts at Mirabona are the epitome of what slow travel means to us

There's hardly a better way to start your day than by enjoying some nice views while indulging in freshly squeezed orange juice from our own trees as the birds sing joyfully in the garden 🕊

With just ten rooms, we like doing breakfasts like in the good old days. That is by serving every little treat of it straight to your table and by offering a wide choice of à la carte dishes so that you can fully unwind and focus on meaningful things, such as the lush scenery surrounding our terrace

The Farm to table Mediterranean cuisine

Make the most of the sunny days and pleasant temperatures of the Mediterranean at our culinary corner in Binibona, a foodie retreat where to indulge in honest and balanced Mediterranean cuisine on the foothills of the Tramuntana

Meals are served outdoors whenever possible, in the terrace of our Mirabona restaurant, with views over the mountains and the Mallorcan plains. Weather permitting, in the milder and cold months of the year, breakfast and lunch is also served outdoors if our guests so desire

Indoors dining however, is also cosy and warm, with our relaxing fireplace and the intimate setting of the restaurant creating a special atmosphere where the magic happens

Our food options always adapts to guests with dietary restrictions. We provide vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian options. We kindly ask you to please inform our reception team in advance so that we can provide excellent service.

The sanctuary of your room

Wooden beams, dry stone walls, Mallorcan materials, natural fabrics, organic toiletteries by L'Occitane and top quality bed linen and bath apparels by Spirit of the Nomad.

Your room is your refuge and we treat is as such. Complimentary gourmet minibar service and all necessary ammenities await in your private secluded space in the mountains.

All rooms of Ca'n Beneït have seperate shower and bath while all suites have jacuzzis. Water is a scarce resource in the Mediterranean, we kindly ask you to please use it responsibly.

The quiet season wonders

While spring and summer months are lived mostly outdoors, in late autumn life in the Mediterranean takes a turn to indoor living during the evenings and nights

With daytime temperatures usually ranging between 15ºC to 20ºC for most of the winter, this temperate climate gives us perfect conditions for trekking, cycling and island exploring. When the sun sets, you can feel the mountainside warmth of Ca'n Beneït by taking a bath in the heated plunge pool of our garden Spa, or by using the Sauna next to it.

The south facing terrace of our Mirabona restaurant overlooking the orangerie is comfortable enough even in most winter mornings, so breakfast is usually served outdoors all year round. Indoors seating is of course always available as well.

With the magical background of our fireplace, tea time and dinner are served at the old house living room and dining room. The cosy and romantic atmosphere is enhanced with views to the old church of Binibona

The great outdoors

The island of Mallorca is yours to explore, and from Binibona you can reach all corners of it for a day excursion. We provide complimentary e-bikes for our guests, and can also arrange hassle free transfers or car rentals delivery to the hotel

From sailing boats to air baloons, please visit the Experiences section of the website to find out the different of activities you can during your stay