New Holistic Approach to Wellness

Experience natural healing with a forest bath in our Garden Spa and revitalize your being with relaxing rituals and massages, using the exclusive Alqvimia products at Ca'n Beneït, where a variety of activities are offered that nourish both body and soul. We are committed to holistic wellness that aligns with sustainable practices and an atmosphere of absolute calm.

The pure water of the estate is obtained at the moment, just like the fresh ingredients of our kitchen, 'from farm to table'. They are examples of our integration with nature. In our Mediterranean Estate, you will have the freedom to explore the orchards and pick fruit directly from the trees. In addition, a traditional century-old oil mill continues to produce exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil, a delight that we invite you to taste at our Mirabona restaurant.

Located at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana, we are surrounded by a natural environment that offers a sanctuary of peace to our visitors. This oasis of tranquility extends throughout the property and reaches your room, a space adorned with natural fabrics and organic materials. The heart of our hospitality is manifested in the supreme quality bedding, ensuring that every moment in this corner of paradise is truly unique.

Welcome to Ca'n Beneït. 🌿

The Garden Spa

Hidden in a sheltered corner of our Estate, the new Garden Spa is a little slice of heaven amidst the pure and serene Mediterranean nature. Once the long hot days of summer have passed, this small wooden heated pool remains warm to allow guests to enjoy a rejuvenating outdoor bath all year round.

Respecting all pre-existing structures and elements, its dreamy location next to the sauna and yoga area makes this cozy and carefully maintained wellness space the perfect place to relax on the milder days of the year.

Powered by solar energy, this small wooden pool has a great island charm and operates eco-efficiently. Thanks to its discreet volume and the naturally insulating and removable components of the Garden Spa, we are currently able to heat it to 35°C solely with the surplus heat produced by our solar panels at noon.

With the exclusivity of only ten rooms, our goal is for this magical secluded space to be used privately, to guarantee the best relaxing experience and immersion in nature. Access to the garden spa is a courtesy of the house and is reserved only for our guests, adding one more detail to an unforgettable stay at Ca'n Beneït. ❤️

Yoga on the lawn

A few months ago, in a conversation with Sintje, our expert Yoga instructor, we explored ways to enrich the stay of our guests. Inspiration led us to transform an underused area of the north of Ca'n Beneït into the core of our wellness area, making it the epicenter of activities that promote harmony between mind and body.

Instead of creating a new building for our Yoga sessions, we decided to landscape this area and turn it into a well-maintained lawn where classes could be taught outdoors during the spring, summer, and early fall months.

Poolside Spa

There's something about Ca'n Beneït that makes people feel at ease here. So when we redesigned the wellness experience for our guests, the path we would follow was clear, instead of building anew we would only aspire to transform what already existed, in the most humble and delicate way possible.

Instead of destroying nature, we would only embrace it, integrating new spaces into the already existing buildings, although scattered throughout the beautiful gardens of the property, in such a way that the true power of our Estate could continue to captivate our souls.

Thus, this porch, formerly a resting area with mountain views, has become our Spa. Respecting the essence, this space has now become the Spa where massages and rituals are performed, with our masseurs and wellness consultants using top-quality Natura Bissé products.

Our resident masseuse and wellness consultant, is at your disposal to guide and assist you in all the wellness activities and treatments you wish to explore during your stay. We encourage you to contact us in advance for any queries or special requests.

Sauna with garden views

Experience the warm embrace of Ca'n Beneït's hillside during any season in our wooden sauna, situated within an old stone shelter surrounded by the estate's Mediterranean gardens.

Our close and professional service ensures that you feel welcomed and cared for at all times. Therefore, the sauna is available for your private use by reservation. Contact our reception team and they will take care of the details.

Note: As part of our environmental commitment, the sauna, exclusive and free of charge for hotel guests, is only activated when in use, thus minimizing energy consumption and contributing to the preservation of our natural surroundings.

The swimming pool with mountain views

Find a corner of serenity with breathtaking panoramic mountain views and enjoy the luxury of personalized bar service without leaving your sun lounger. The intimacy of Ca'n Beneït lends itself to an experience where reduced space becomes an additional luxury.

As one of the most notable attractions of our estate, the main pool stands out for its tranquility and unobstructed views, offering a direct connection to the island's mountainous landscape. Nearby, we have comfortable Balinese beds arranged under the olive trees, ideal for soaking up the light and feeling the gentle Mediterranean breeze.

Stunning views and exclusivity throughout the year. Regardless of the season, bar service and complimentary refreshing drinks are at your disposal, and the summer snacks are a delight that should not be overlooked.

Orchards and gardens

Mandarins, eggplants, watermelons, parsley, coriander, oranges, tomatoes, peppers, lemons, kumquats, lettuces, olives... are just some of the fruits and vegetables that Sebastià, our resident gardener, grows here at Ca'n Beneït.

With fertile soil and an ideal temperate climate, our estate provides the perfect environment for thriving organic production. Everything from the fresh orange juice in the morning to the chef's innovative creations at night comes from our land, enriching our guests' experience with natural and authentic flavors.

You can savor these harvests at your table or stroll through the orchards and gardens to see the seasonal wonders up close. And for those ingredients we don't produce, we select small local suppliers who share our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Our sustainability philosophy also includes the water we offer. All the water at the Estate is sourced locally from our wells, deep in the karst terrain of Mallorca's underground rivers beneath the mountains. It is then filtered through a chemical-free process and finally provided free of charge to our guests.

As for more seductive beverages, our wine list is rich in excellent local wines made on the island of Mallorca and beyond. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to learn with our wine tasting sessions by our resident wine connoisseur Amy.

Finally, we also offer local IPA beer, as well as homemade smoothies and juices from our own fruits when they are in season.

The connection with nature

Ca'n Beneït is nestled in nature, where the UNESCO World Heritage Sierra de Tramuntana merges with the agricultural plains of Mallorca. This privileged location invites our guests to a complete immersion in nature.

From the arrival, it is evident that Binibona is an exceptional place. Absolute tranquility prevails, and the noise of cars is as foreign here as it would have been to its inhabitants centuries ago. Just ten minutes from the highway, the last stretch to our retreat is along rural roads that invite you to slow down and enjoy the landscape.

Here silence is key. Serenity abounds, and the island, historically known as 'the island of calm,' lives up to its poetic nickname. This is a place for those seeking peace. A refuge for the soul. A corner like no other.

Ca'n Beneït is the ideal starting point to delve into the lush vegetation of the Sierra de Tramuntana, to discover the fields at a serene pace on our complimentary bicycles, or to take on a challenge and pedal to the island's highest peaks.

The Ritual of Slow Mornings

Extended and serene breakfasts at Mirabona are the quintessence of our vision of a slow and mindful journey. There's no better way to start the day than with enchanting views and the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice from our trees, accompanied by the singing of birds in the garden.

With a limited number of guests, we prioritize a traditional and personalized breakfast. It is served directly to your table, offering a wide selection of à la carte dishes so you can completely relax, and your only concern is to enjoy the moment and the landscape that extends beyond our terrace.

Mediterranean Cuisine from Farm to Table

Enjoy sunny days and pleasant Mediterranean temperatures in our culinary corner of Binibona, a gastronomic retreat that promises a sincere and balanced culinary experience, framed by the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Meals are served outdoors whenever possible, on the terrace of our Mirabona restaurant, overlooking the mountains and the Mallorcan plain. If the weather allows, during the milder and cooler months of the year, breakfast and lunch are also served outside if our guests wish.

Indoor dinners are equally charming, with our relaxing fireplace and the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant, creating a special setting where magic happens.

We ensure to cater to all our guests' dietary needs, with vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian options. Please let us know your preferences in advance so we can guarantee you an exceptional culinary experience.

The Sanctuary of Your Room

Wooden beams, dry-stone walls, Mallorcan materials, and natural textiles. Enjoy the comfort of organic toiletries from Natura Bissé and the luxury of high-quality bed and bath linens provided by Spirit of the Nomad.

Here, we consider your room a personal sanctuary. Therefore, we offer you a complimentary gourmet minibar and all the essential amenities for your stay in the intimacy of the mountains.

Each stay at Ca'n Beneït is equipped with separate shower and bathtub facilities, and our suites include a jacuzzi. Since water is a scarce resource in the Mediterranean, we appeal to your conscience to make responsible use of it.

The Season of Wonders

While the spring and summer months are mostly lived outdoors, autumn signals the beginning of a more intimate season in the Mediterranean, where evenings and nights are enjoyed in cozier settings.

With temperatures ranging between 15°C and 20°C during winter, this mild climate provides us with perfect conditions for hiking, cycling, and exploring the island. When the sun sets, you can feel the warmth of Ca'n Beneït's mountain by taking a bath in the heated pool of our Garden Spa or using the sauna next to it.

The south-facing terrace of our Mirabona restaurant, overlooking the orchard, is cozy enough even on winter mornings, so breakfast is usually served outdoors throughout the year. Of course, indoor seating is also available.

With the magical backdrop of our fireplace, tea time and dinner are served in the lounge and dining room of the old house. This warm and romantic atmosphere is complemented by views of the old church of Binibona.


The island of Mallorca unfolds before you to be discovered, and from Binibona, you can easily access each of its charming corners for a full-day excursion. We offer e-bikes at no additional cost so our guests can explore the landscapes with ease, and we are at your disposal to arrange hassle-free transfers or the delivery of rental cars directly at the hotel.

From sailboats to hot air balloons, visit the Experiences section of the website to discover the different activities you can enjoy during your stay.