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The majestic flight of a Voltor Negre over Ca’n Beneït & the story of an unlikely success 🦅

A few days ago we took this picture from one of our rooftop Suites, and despite its imperfect quality we couldn’t think of a better shot to recap this challenging year

This tale begins in 1975, just when Spain started its transition into a democratic society. At that time only 10 couples of #voltornegre or Cinereous vulture flew the skies of Mallorca. Poisoning, neglect and reckless human behaviour were about to forever vanish its presence on the island

Against all odds however, the inminent local extintion of the largest Old world vulture could be slowly reversed thanks to the work of environmentalist groups such as GOB, the raising awarness within society and the priceless work of many volunteers

Extremely sensitive to noise and pollution, it is now estimated that 332 voltors inhabit the most pristine natural corners of our island, and you can nowadays often see the 3,1 meters wide wings of the raptor flying high above the crests surrounding Ca’n Beneït

This spectacular recovery symbolizes for us both the pride to live in a unique natural space, and the duty we have towards a more sustainable kind of tourism. And while we are still a long way from fully offsetting our environmental impact, we are taking decisive steps in that direction to the best of our financial and legal capabilities

In the next few months, we will update parts of our equipment and systems to reduce around 25% of our energy consumption

Thanks to the abundant water resources during wintertime and the use of efficient drop irrigation systems during summertime, we will also put our focus on the Agro side of the Agrotourism establishment we indeed are

We will decisively expand the orchard capacity in the lower gardens, in order to optimize its production and go fully farm to table in most of the seasonal vegetables we use in the restaurant, while locally sourcing the bulk of the ingredients non harvested in-house

Because just as it happened to the Voltor Negre in Mallorca a few decades ago, the time to act is just now, and positive change only depends on us 🌿

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