The evergreen

Cap Farrutx & the evergreen rolling hills descending towards the Mediterranean sea 🌳

Thirty six kilometers away and yet visible from Ca’n Beneït, the east end of Alcudia bay is probably one of the most present geographical milestones in the life of northern Mallorcans

Perhaps its visual magnetism upon the native population lies in the fact that, for centuries, the watchtowers close to it where the first ones to warn the locals of pirate invasions, ligthing fires that could be seen from afar and replicated throughout the surveillance network surrounding the whole island of Mallorca 🔭

We have no records of any pirate raid having stormed Ca’n Beneït, but being on the foothills of the first practicable mountain pass trail coming from the sea, its fortified walls and its archery defenses were probably built for a very good reason 🏹

One can only wonder what wonders must have these walls hidden within


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