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The coves of Mallorca

We are lucky to belong to one of the most beautiful islands in the Balearic Islands: Mallorca.

Our beloved island has magnificent coves, where you can get away from the noise of the city and enjoy the calm and peace that the sea evoques. Rocky corners, surrounded by nature and endless views of the sea, the perfect setting for a dream vacation. Today we want to show you a selection of our favorite coves. In Mallorca we have 262 beaches, with a total length of 50 km

A cove is a section of the bay with a rounded shape, smaller in size than the beach and where its waters are calmer. Among the many options that the island offers us, you can choose between busier or more solitary coves. We start by showing you the ones on the other side of the Tramuntana mountains. Sa Calobra, and Cala Deiá, both in the north of the Tramuntana and approximately one hour by car.

Sa Calobra, (The snake), belongs to the municipality of Escorca, a town located in the northern part of Mallorca. It has the name of a small village that was formerly in its vicinity. The cove of Sa Calobra is accessible by sea from Puerto de Sóller or you can get there through the MA-2141 road, from where you can drive the last strecth of 15 km turns, but its spectacular mountain views make it worth it. The cove is the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis, and is nestled between two 200-meter cliffs, making it an open-air auditorium where once a year, in summer, the Torrent de Pareis concert is held. You cannot miss it!


Cala Deia Mallorca

Cala Deia Mallorca

Cala Deiá, is the mouth of a small stream and is located northwest of Mallorca, away from the beautiful town of Deiá and 10km from Sóller. To get there you will have to go through a small forest on foot. It is a small cove with transparent and prisitne waters, it is quite hidden and it is popular for its charm, hippy and cozy atmosphere. The beach has no sand, it consists of 70 meters of large rock formations surrounded by pine forests and scrubland. In its landscape there are also boats that were used by fishermen in the past. It has two restaurants, both with exceptional fish. Its special and bohemian charm will not leave you indifferent!

Cala Mondragó: located in the east of Mallorca, near the tourist center of Cala D’or. To access it you must go to S’Horta and take the road to Cala Sa Nau. It is accessed on foot, where you will enjoy wonderful vegetation for 1km or if you prefer, you can rent a boat in Cala D’or. Upon arrival, you will find a hidden and heavenly bay with turquoise waters and white sand, where you can snorkel and observe its marine species. although with a considerable influx of people, so we recommend that you visit it at dawn or late in the afternoon. Taking advantage of your visit, we recommend you take a boat trip from Porto Colom and go to Porto Cristo and visit the Hams caves or the Mondragó natural park. A dream place!




In the mostly wild north east you will find Cala Mitjana a cozy, quiet and remote beach,. If you want to spend the day there, we offer you to prepare a fantastic picnic, as there are no restaurant services available. The unspoilt beauty of the place, however, makes it owrth it, despite the dificulties of its acess.


Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana


Cala Romántica, also known as S´Estany d’en Mas, located on the east coast of Mallorca and belonging to the municipality of Manacor, is surrounded by cliffs and vegetation. It is a cove easily accessible by car, you can get from the road from Porto Cristo to Cales de Mallorca where you will see a fork that gives access to Cala Romántica. Cala Romántica has a beach of fine white sand and is a favorite for families. If you like diving, the perfect place to snorkel is on the cliffs at the southern edge of the bay. And if you are more into walking, you can visit Cala Medina and Cala Anguila on foot. For more comfort, if you wish, you can rent hammocks and umbrellas and it has two beach bars to enjoy a snack or meal with views of its crystal clear waters. The settlement of Cala Romántica has become a place of tourist interest due to its beauty and its production of pearls.








Cala Varques, located in the municipality of Manacor and with access on foot from Cala Romántica, making a route of approximately one hour. Cala Varques, is a virgin cove of white sand that has the largest network of caves in Europe with formations of stalactites and stalagmites. You can explore the Pirate’s Cave, the Pont Cave and the Xot Cave. Walking from Cala Varques you will find Es Caló Blanc, a natural rock bridge. Another feature that makes this cove special is the visit of the surrounding cows during the summer season. You can see them resting on their white sands. Without a doubt, an experience worth living. Enjoy paradise!









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