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Springtime, mon amour ❤

You wake up to the sounds of birds, as a dim sunlight filters into the room through those cute little shutters

You told him to close the window last night, but he never did, magnanimously stating that it was more romantic that way, like in the Troy movie where that hunky greek King made love to his wife under the moonlight, right on the night before the final battle

He is so early two thousands sometimes, and Kings are no longer hot anyway, but he made you laugh all the same

Then he turns around to hug you, which after all the ups and downs, after all those years of mystery and joy, still made you feel loved and secure, even if you would never dare saying it out loud. Because some things are best kept unspoken

And how did you two ended up in that cosy quiet room anyway? Oh yes, his late anniversary surprise that you thought he had pulled out last minute as he was about to realise he had just forgotten about it

But he had not. Actually, that was the reason why he had been unapproachable for weeks, hectic as he was filling rows and columns with moments of wonder. Agh. ‘moments of wonder’, he even had a sales-pitch catchphrase to justify his compulsive spreasheet obsession and his romanticized attemps to ‘spark back the flame, maybe?’

But you secretly love it when he does that. Because even if you never believed in the traditional role of the great provider, you certainly believe in the pragmatic role of the great organizer, and boy it felt so good to sometimes be on the recieving end of that

Today however, you had no plans at all, because this is the very day that you forbade him to foresee in advance

And you were really looking forward to it, to just do nothing other than contemplating your frugal existence under that inviting Mediterranean sun, like in the very first day you two met so many years back, so many lonely adventures after

And you finally step into the garden on your way to breakfast, in a place that feels lush and surreal, on an island where your soul might actually belong, if only for a little while

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