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A lazy day by the pool in Ca’n Beneït

The intel

Darius and Jeanette hadn’t felt this joyful and free since the careless early days of their relationship. Twenty five years, two sons, one grandson and a golden retriever had passed, but even after all their ups and downs their love for each other still remained solid. And now it was time to celebrate.

Much to her surprise, Darius had made all travel arrangements this time. He was a helpless romantic, that much was true, but when it came to organizing their annual getaway, well, one could arguably say that her wife greatly excelled him.

But things were different this time, because this time he had intel. And it was pure gold.

The proposal

Jeanette would also be caught off-guard, busy as she had been at work for the last months, leaving her little time to look for options to get away from their town for some days. But Darius had been working on it, making a plan and giving her little tips every now and then indicating that something good was coming.

He remained silent before her petitions to come clean, building tension for his big announcement the following day. Both her wife and him had worked hard and very well deserved a perfect holiday in a quiet and safe environment, easily accessible and yet also away from it all.

The reaction

The big day finally arrived and as they were enjoying a candle lit dinner they had both prepared at home, Darius broke her wife the news. Jeanette could only surrender to Darius unexpected move. She might have lost hope long ago, but it seemed his husband had definitely not. Also he seemed to be having some kind of intel, as he would later on confessed in a rather buoyant and dramatic manner.

Not only did the idea seem crazy at first, but also the mystery would be building up until the day of their departure since Darius wouldn’t even disclose their destination. What on earth was happening to her husband, Jeanette thought? That wasn’t like him at all. She was always the one organizing every aspect of their lives! She was the pro when it came to planning.

The countermeasures

Jeanette let herself go during dinner, blindly putting her happiness in the hands of his husband, just as she had done all those years ago. She thought about all that time, and she thought about Darius. Several big rows and a brief separation aside, theirs had been a relationship truly worth fighting for, and it really was time to celebrate.

Ultimately though curiosity was killing her, and it only took her several days to find out about his husband plans. His younger teenage son would help her investigate, of course. Much to her dismay, she was the one providing him with a continuous supply of frozen pizzas and ice-cream, after all. But now she could use that to her advantage, now mummy had leverage and she would finally put that to some good use.

She felt guilty however when his son revealed his father’s grand surprise in the making, so Jeannette decided to let her husband’s planning capabilities thrive. Darius had booked a seemingly beautiful hotel by the northern mountains of Mallorca, after a good friend’s recommendation, and he was making sure they would have a great time there by talking to the hotel staff every once in a while to prepare something special for her.

Late July had finally arrived, and with it, their very much expected trip. She had done an amazing job pretending not to know anything about it upon arrival, praising Darius for his excellent choice of accommodation during the first days there. The property had been just like in the pictures she had been secretly looking at while at work, and so had been the lively ambiance, just as she had expected.

The views

Binibona was a special and unique kind of place, and so was Ca’n Beneït, with their mountain views and their unique dinners on the terrace. They had been squeezing their beautiful days on the island to the fullest, visiting beaches, vineyards, going on a walk through a nearby forest and even doing yoga at the hotel. But Jeanette felt just like doing nothing for a day, and Darius couldn’t agree more.

The swimming pool offered heavenly views to the nearby forested mountains and limestone peaks , and they had been told that cocktails and snacks for hotel guests were being served there during the day, which totally sounded like a plan. It was also a beautiful day with crisp blue skies blessed by a gentle breeze. One could even see the sea, in the distance shining from silver to blue depending on the time of day.

The soft spot

They headed for the sun loungers after having seated in the mountainside terrace of their suite after breakfast, enjoying their books for a while in a captivating silence only to be disturbed by a video update from his one year old grandson.

Ca’n Beneit was not the kind of place where you need to rush and reserve sun loungers first thing in the morning or risk finding no place at all afterwards. The pool area terrace extended into a little square with a shaded area where a sauna was. That must be also cool in wintertime, Darius thought: sauna and pool like they did up north.

On the left side of the pool area there was also a pair on Balinese beds providing shade and cover from the sun with views over the pool and the main old building of the property

The blues

Jeanette found yet another surprise from her husband waiting for her by the pool

– Jeanette: Is there something you need to tell me Darius?

– Darius: No honey, it’s just that you deserve the very best only. Enjoy the fruit.

– Jeanette: Since when can you be so cheesy?

– Darius: Since the day I saw you for the first time walking down in campus on your way to your Medieval history class.

– Jeanette: Oh, stop it! And help me eat some fruit as well

– Darius: No thank you, I’m keeping me for my upcoming hamburger. The kitchen guys have told me it’s all home made, even the lettuce and tomatoes are home grown during the season.

– Jeanette: You’ve gotten along with the whole team, right?

– Darius: Indeed. I loved it when they showed me how they prepare that lamb terrine.

– Jeanette: Oh, gosh. The lamb terrine. Don’t get me started!

– Darius: A new classic

– Jeanette: Look at the snacks menu, they also do ribs Darius. And wraps. Even Lobster Roll!

– Darius: Options, options!

– Jeanette: Let’s order some drinks in the meantime

– Darius: Sounds about right. I’ll have a gin. For the good times.

– Jeanette: I wonder what Johnny might be doing.

– Darius: He’ll be fine, I bought him enough provisions to survive for a month

– Jeanette: Both of the kids would have loved this. Maybe next time they can join us.

– Darius: Will there be a next time then?

– Jeanette: Maybe there will

– Darius: My hotel spotting abilities weren’t too bad after all

– Jeanette: It was James who told you about this place, Darius

– Darius: But I did all the searching and the bookings. I very much deserve some recognition. It takes some time, you know, arranging things?

– Jeanette: I do honey

– Darius: I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you

– Jeanette: So should we bring all of them along next time?

– Darius: Yes! Why not?

– Jeanette: OK, but you’re driving.

– Darius: Deal

– Jeanette: I’m going into the pool now, it’s hot. Wanna join me?

– Darius: Always

The story

All characters in this story are fictional and not based on any present or past guests whatsoever. Happy readings!

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