Olive oil in the making

Ca’n Beneït is one of the very few hotels in Mallorca producing oil on-site from its own olive trees 🫒

Happening every December, oil making is a family tradition where the different generations of the Vicens linage come together to harvest the olives from the trees scattered throughout the hills of the Finca

Once the precious fruits of unique and ancient tree varieties coming all the way from Greece are collected, they are cleaned and processed before being taken by tractor to the heart of Ca’n Beneït’s Estate: the centuries old Tafona

In the centrally located olive mill, still functioning vintage machinery from 1872 allows the rotation of the heavy stone roller under wich the olives are smashed into a thick paste, which is then placed in between layers that are cold pressed by an equally antique apparel to finally obtain magnificent and pure liquid gold

The resulting product of such limited production process is a high quality extra virgin olive oil that we will soon be serving in our Mirabona restaurant

Enjoy the true Mediterranean way of life at Ca’n Beneït!


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