Introducing Miulo

Like best things in life, Miulo the cat got to Ca’n Beneït by chance 🐈

It had been a rainy November and the hotels around Binibona had already closed for the season, so he started wandering around the hamlet looking for food and shelter until he found us, the only place that never closed its doors

Being as lovely and well mannered as he was, at first we just thought he had gotten lost, but he kept coming back to Ca’n Beneït until weeks later we finally adopted him. It seemed Miulo could check out at any time he liked, but he could never leave

Now he spends his days outside, roaming around freely on the honey combed tiles of the lower terrace or just exploring the hood. In order to respect our guests, at night he’s warm and cosy in our private quarters

If you see him around, please do not feed him. Miulo is well taken care of and very much loved


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