From January the 20th, our brand new Menu will feature an irresistible selection of croquetas

Even if the modern version of this classic is not actually from Spanish origin, #croquetas are nowadays not only the quintessential #tapa, but the finger food that might best define the culinary tradition of such a diverse and delicious country

Still to this day it is the dish that many adults can remember their grandparents preparing, a real treat that brings back love and caring memories, and which magic resides in the fact that one’s ingenuity can produce a refined delicacy with humble ingredients and leftovers that would otherwise go to waste

At Mirabona we love to pay homage to this tradition by taking it to an upscale level. Our assortment includes croquetas made of iberian ham, asparagous & spinach, roasted chicken, mushrooms & truffle, Km0 cauliflower, and the award winning red prawn croqueta created by our chef @raulinares

Which one is your favourite?

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