Don't miss our olive groves

How would you like to walk through our olive groves and learn first-hand all the secrets of one of the most prized fruits in the world?
most prized fruit in the world? We propose an olive tree route in Mallorca, worthy of soaking your bread, where you will learn about the artisan process of
the artisan process of making our olive oil, and you can even taste it!

It is impossible to visit the Serra de Tramuntana without noticing the importance of the olive tree in this region.
the importance of the olive tree in this region. Strolling through the
olive groves in Mallorca is an almost mystical experience.
Imagine the number of things our olive trees must have observed!
our olive trees must have observed! They have been part of the natural landscape
of the area for centuries.

Olive groves in Spain have a historical origin.
It is believed that it was the Phoenicians and the Greeks who imported this millenary tree
this millenary tree to the Iberian Peninsula, and that is how they ended up
the olive tree was eventually introduced to the island.

At Ca’n Beneït, we don’t just invite you to come and spend the night.
the night. We are an olive farm in Mallorca,
and we offer guided tours of our olive groves and olive oil fields.
olive groves and olive oil. Imagine yourself visiting, probably, the same
the same hundred-year-old olive trees that made Rubén Darío recite some of his
some of his most famous poems. Feel the breeze and bathe in nature
of nature, strolling through our olive groves at sunset.
at sunset. Because there is no better place to enjoy
olive oil tourism than in Mallorca.


Mallorca is one of the best places to enjoy olive groves in Spain. In fact, it is the most widespread crop on the island.
Who hasn’t heard of the famous Mallorcan olive oil, and what better place to enjoy its flavour than in the Sierra de Tramuntana?
Visiting our olive grove at sunset is pure magic. That’s why we have designed an olive oil tourism route as part of the experience
of our estate. Moreover, it is not only about enjoying a unique landscape typical of our millenary culture, but also, our
tour introduces you to the different stages of production, from the olive grove to the oil.

What is the origin of Mallorcan olive oil?

Although, as we have mentioned, olive trees were introduced by the Phoenicians and Greeks, the truth is that oil did not appear until later. It was the Arabs who brought this liquid gold to our country.

In fact, the word oil comes from the Arabic azzayt, which in turn comes from the Aramaic zaytā, meaning olive juice. Similarly, almazara comes from al-ma’sara, the place where this fruit is pressed.

How important is olive oil in Mallorca?

Mallorca is the leader in oil production in Spain and currently has a total of 28 protected and recognised Denominations of Origin, obtained from the Olea Europea L. fruit.

According to the Department of the Environment and Agriculture, it is estimated that the island has 8,100 hectares of fields with around 1.6 million olive trees.

It is part of our daily life and, if you come to visit us, you cannot miss the experience of walking through our olive groves in Mallorca. But it’s not all that glitters here, did you know that our island is also famous for its vineyards? If our olive tree routes have interested you and you are a wine lover, you are going to love our vineyards!

Information about the service

The visits to the olive groves are an exclusive service for the guests of our Rural Hotel. If you are interested in doing olive oil tourism in Mallorca with us, please contact us for more information about our service.