Observe the marvellous starscapes

Have you ever wondered what the night views are like in the mountains? We take you on a journey through the sky in the Tramuntana Mountains,
one of the most magical places to see starscapes in Mallorca.

During this astronomy tour, you will discover another of the island’s charms. Although the sky accompanies us wherever we go, we need very specific conditions to be able to make out all the splendour of the starry night landscapes in the best possible way. The most important one? Being far enough away from urban centres to avoid light pollution.

So, what better place than our finca?

At Ca’n Beneït you can enjoy stargazing in Mallorca without the need for a telescope. You don’t need to be an astronomical expert either, as this activity is aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy a starry sky landscape of the kind you can’t see anywhere these days. And, for this, we have reserved our special corner. The best place to see the stars in Mallorca, without leaving our field.

Astronomical tourism Mallorca

Astronomical tourism is a very recent phenomenon, but with a historical origin that dates back to the beginnings of observational astronomy. Before Galileo
made his first observations with his perspicillum, people were already marvelling at the starry night landscapes. Today, stargazing is more complicated than ever,
stargazing is somewhat more complicated. Light pollution caused by cities and most inhabited areas does not allow us to distinguish them under normal conditions.
normal conditions. That is why astro-tourism has become such a popular activity in recent years.

Stargazing in Mallorca is a cultural phenomenon thanks to privileged locations such as ours, which allow us to get a clear view of the night sky
without the need to go to an observatory or to have specialised tools.

Our only resource? The sky. And our eyes, of course. You don’t need anything else to see the stars in Palma de Mallorca, as long as you are in the right place, in the right place, in the right place.
you are in the right place, and that place is here.

What is the best time of the year to see the stars?

There is no time like any other. From our farm, any time of the year is ideal for gazing at the sky.

However, if you come between 11 and 13 August, in addition to the breathtaking view that bathes the mountains every night, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful astronomical events of the summer: the Perseids.

This shower of stars amazes more than one person, and it only happens once a year!

Is it true that the moon makes it difficult to observe?

On nights when there is no moon, the Milky Way stands out in an astonishing way. Even so, its presence is not a hindrance to observing the brightness of celestial objects and, in fact, it adds a magical aura to the observations.

Our last piece of advice is to bring some warm clothes, even in summer. This is a peaceful activity in which you will spend some quiet time gazing at the sky, so you’d better be warm. And if stargazing in Palma de Mallorca sounds interesting to you, we recommend you round off your experience with a balloon sunrise, a tour of the sky from a unique perspective.

Information about the service

Guided stargazing is an exclusive service for the guests of our Rural Hotel, if you are interested in doing a guided stargazing with us, please contact us for more information about our service.