The best hiking routes in Mallorca

The best way to visit Mallorca is on foot! From Finca Ca’n Beneït, we encourage you to discover every corner of the island,
and what better way to do this than by going on an excursion along the best hiking routes in Mallorca? We recommend
a tour around Selva where you will fall in love with the most beautiful villages of the municipality.

32 km from Palma de Mallorca is the municipality of Selva, made up of five population centres: Selva, Caimari, Moscari, Biniamar and Binibona. This region of El Raiguer, in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range, is one of the places you cannot miss if you come to the island. Agritourism predominates here, especially in the town of Binibona, set in spectacular natural surroundings that are well worth enjoying. Hidden among valleys of olive trees, famous for its olive oil production, we find the village of Caimari, one of the most charming places in Selva, at the foot of the mountain range.

It borders on Moscari, a town that connects directly with the mountains of the sierra, famous for its old stone houses and its old and charming church of Santa Ana. With only 260 inhabitants, it is one of the quietest and most peaceful places in the area for hiking routes in Mallorca. Passing through Biniamar and going through the beautiful streets of Caimari, Moscari and Binibona, a tour through Selva becomes an easy, relaxed excursion with paths and landscapes worthy of walking and contemplating.

We encourage you to start your hiking route in Mallorca and discover the surroundings of the Tramuntana Mountains!


Apart from the beaches and resorts, Mallorca also has some amazing hiking trails
that are perfect for anyone who likes to explore.

This island has a lot to offer hiking enthusiasts: beautiful landscapes with views of the sea, mountains and forests; natural pools and caves where you can bathe in fresh water; or old villages with pretty streets that you can explore on foot.

In addition to the tour we propose, in the Tramuntana mountain range you can also access many of the best hiking routes in Mallorca: such as the Puig de Maria route, the Puig des Teix, the Puig des Galatzó, or the Ermita Maristel-la and the Fita del Ram.

Hiking in Mallorca is not only a good way to discover the territory, but it is also a good opportunity to learn about its history and tradition, as well as to get an insight into the island’s way of life.

If you would like more information about all these routes, just ask at reception and we will give you all the details you need to enjoy a day’s hiking in Mallorca. And if instead of walking through these villages and mountains, you prefer to do it by bike, we also offer you our eBikes as part of our cycling experience.

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