Balloon rides Mallorca

Ballooning is one of the most exciting and romantic experiences you can have in Mallorca.
Aimed at couples, families and groups of friends, this activity is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful we can offer you.
What better way to discover the whole island than from the sky? Join the hot-air balloon rides in Mallorca leaving from Manacor
from Manacor and enjoy the sunrise with privileged views of the whole island.

The flight begins with an orientation and safety briefing from the pilot before taking off
briefing by the pilot before taking off into the skies over Palma de Mallorca.
of Palma de Mallorca.

From there, the only thing left to do is to let yourself be carried away by the sense of freedom
and enjoy the beautiful views of the island. You will have the opportunity
to take part in the preparation of the trip, including the assembly of the
the aerostats, burners, baskets and tarpaulins. In this way
you will also become familiar with each of these items before your departure.
your departure.


Are you ready to fly? We have no doubt that
a hot-air balloon flight in Mallorca will mark a before and after
in your visit to the island.

Because, whether it’s your first trip or you’ve flown in a balloon before
before, every adventure is unique aboard a hot air balloon.

So, if you are looking for a stimulating and different way of getting to know the island,
hot air balloon flights over Mallorca will turn your trip into an unprecedented experience.

Where to go ballooning in Mallorca?

Don’t know where to fly in a hot air balloon in Mallorca? From Ca’n Beneït, the place we suggest is Manacor, just an hour from our farm. There are several agencies that offer their flights starting their itinerary there, so it is not difficult to find one that suits your requirements.

Many of them offer breakfast after the balloon flight over Mallorca. Bear in mind that the departure is in the early hours of the morning so that you can fully capture the sunrise once you are flying over the island.

If you have never ridden in a hot air balloon before, Mallorca is the best place to get started and fall in love with the beauty of contemplating the world from the clouds. See for yourself!

What is the best time of the yearfor hot air ballooning in Mallorca?

Ballooning can be done practically all year round, except during the hot months. Each season has its own charm that makes hot air ballooning in Mallorca unique, with spring being one of the seasons with the best visibility.

From what age can you fly in a hot air balloon?

It is not a question of age but of height. It is always advisable that the crew member has the minimum height to be able to look out of the basket. This is usually 120 cm.
If you enjoyed watching the sunset over Mallorca from the air, how about enjoying the sunset at sea? We suggest you complete your experience by spending a day aboard an old wooden sailing boat, visiting the island’s most charming coves. You’ll love it!

Service Information

Hot air balloon flights are an exclusive service for guests of our Rural Hotel. If you are interested in taking a hot air balloon flight in Mallorca with us, please contact us for more information about our service.