(beautifully) Built to imperfection

Human thirst for perfection might have been the very foundation upon which European civilization first rose and shined on the shores of the Mediterranean sea

It was the duty of the individual to strive for a virtuous society, a beloved family, a perfect body and a pure soul. And while that ignited the necessary spark for the arts, science and progress to thrive, it also enshrined a godly and distant concept of perfection that we all at some point struggle to achieve

Ca’n Beneït is not perfect in any formal sense. Its walls are made of layer after layer of scattered stones, put there for centuries, to the best ability of the local craftmanship

There was never a masterplan here, or some grand design of any sort, but just a collective effort to make something remarkably harmonious of an otherwise humble place surrounded by pristine nature

And it’s not really hard to see why the different generations have relentlessly worked hard to improve it

Because there is something in these walls that immediately drags you down to its timeless essence, that makes you fall in love with the very core of it and forcing you to protect it at whatever cost

Because there is something in its beautiful imperfection that perhaps reminds us to be a little bit more forgiving with ourselves, and a little bit less caring

Stay authentic 🌿

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