The heart of the Tramuntana

Nestled in the heart of the Binibona hamlet and sheltered by the gentle slopes of the Tramuntana mountains, Ca’n Beneït’s main courtyard and its presiding church have witnessed the events of the village and the whereabouts of its inhabitants for centuries.

Its fortified walls and the old stone buildings that flank it have seen conquers, invasions, revolutions, farewells and celebrations. They have been the centre of old rooted in the land traditions only to ultimately succumb to the advent of the modern world. One thing has always remained, however, and that is its unique sense of timeless charm.

Always respecting its character, its landmark attributes and the tranquillity we work so hard to provide our guests with, we are proud to offer this special corner for intimate outdoor happenings.

Be it weddings, small concerts or wine tasting classes, please feel free to contact our team to cater for your unforgettable moments at Ca’n Beneït.


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