Introducing Berlinski ❤

Thank you to all guests who stayed at Ca’n Beneït and Mirabona restaurant this year ❤

A few weeks ago, an adorable old friend of ours and her lovely partner returned to Ca’n Beneït with an enigmatic present in their luggage 🧐

We didn’t know what to make of it at first, but since we loved it from minute one, we ended up transfering Berlinski to the private quarters of the Finca, where he now resides

Berlinski is a cool kind of guy. Please don’t let yourself be mislead by the fact that all of his body is covered in memorabilia tatoos, for deep down he has a heart of gold and all he really wants in life is to be hugged and loved

Coming all the way from Berlin he was raised the northern way, only to gladly adopt a gentle Mediterranean taste soon after he moved down south

Berlinski doesn’t have an aspirational body really, because he doesn’t need one. It turns out wine is a temptation he has too easy an access to, and the same goes for food, so he retains his personal appeal in other ways and alternative arrangements, namely through his charming presence and constant predisposition to always be there for good company and long conversation

He never really judges a book by its cover either and he happens to prefer a rather laissez faire approach to life, as long as you don’t touch his Haribos that is 🤭 He’s calm, observing and also a little bit shy, which makes him really good at keeping secrets

Now that Ca’n Beneït enters a quieter season, Berlinski is feeling more confident by the day, and he is now ready to discover other parts of our little hotel. So if by any chance you stumble upon him during your stay, please be kind to him and keep us updated on his whereabouts

Thank you for reading all the way to here and please excuse us for this little joke 😇 We just wanted to show our gratitude to everyone that has supported us this year. So to all our guests we say:

Merci! Danke! Gracias! Obrigado! Mange tak! Grazie! Bedankt! Gràcies! תודה! Спасибо! Tusen tak!

#thankyou from the bottom of our hearts ❤

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