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Reaching out to the heavens 🚲 The memorable & epic ride to Cape Formentor

Sierra de Tramuntana

45 kilometers away from Ca’n Beneït you’ll find the lighthouse of Formentor, which sits on the very edge of the homonymous peninsula and it’s the northernmost place on the island of Mallorca

The first stretch of the journey to reach it by bicycle is a succession of tranquil and bucholic country lanes cutting through the rolling hills and quaint fields that lead towards the bay of Pollença

From there, you’ll start a moderate ascension via an iconic long and winding road that scenically zigzags across both sides of the narrow peninsula, with the Mediterranean sea as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience

You won’t probably resist stopping from time to time to enjoy the breathtaking vistas while marvelling at the sheer beauty of Mallorca’s rugged and pristine northern coast

When finally reaching the lighthouse, majestically perched high above the Mediterranean sea, you’ll be rewarded by fantastic views and a Café offering very much welcome refreshments

Definitely being one of the most spectacular rides on the planet, you can’t certainly miss it if you love cycling as much as many of our guests do!

Ca’n Beneït offers complimentary bike garage and e-bikes for our guests, @riesemuller e-bikes are top quality units with an approximate average range of 120Km. You can also rent road bicycles during your stay with us for longer routes such as this one

Enjoy the ride 😇

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